Friday, April 13, 2018

It's steampunk time

It's 'time' for a little steampunk project! A hot air balloon is a staple in any steampunk imagery. Add a little gold paint & gilding to dress it up a bit!


Blank Page Muse: Hot Air Balloon with Clock Face Art Rubber Stamp
Blank Page Muse:  Diamond Repeating Pattern Background Stamp
Black archival ink
Red and gold wax
Gilding glue
Gilding flakes
Inkssentials Rub-It Scrub-It Pad
Metallic paint
Canvas panel

1.  Start by stamping your balloon image onto your panel.

2.  Stamp and cut out another balloon to use as a mask; put it on top of your stamped balloon.  Dab your gilding glue onto your diamond background & lay the stamp over the whole canvas. Then rub in your gilding flakes with the pad - clean off your stamp immediately so it doesnt get gunked up! Don't worry if the background isn't perfect -it adds a vintage, used look to it.

3.  Rub your waxes around the edges and apply some black ink as well.

4. Go over different parts of the balloon with your metallic paint to finish up.

Easy peasy little project - how cool it would look on a black background with a gilded balloon!  

Blank Page Muse Stamps provides the perfect backdrop for your projects, from steampunk to grunge to romantic!

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