Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Bold & Bright Postcards!

Hi Blank Page Muse Fans & Followers!

Today I am sharing my process for making colourful postcards with Gelatos and of course Blank Page Muse Stamps!
These are relatively quick and easy to make ( the gel medium drying is the longest part!!) and can be adapted to any of the fabulous Blank Page Muse Stamps!

Blank Page Muse Stamps:
 Dragonfly Top View (Large Size)
6 x 4 Index Cards or Sturdy Card Cut to 6 x 4
Old Book Pages
Gelatos - various bright colours
Gel Medium
Black Archival Ink
Ink Sprays
Scrap white card and scrap kraft card/paper
Postcard Collage Images (or make your own on the computer) - used here collage images by Art Tea Life @Etsy
Embellishments: muslin cloth. cotton
Tools: Scissors, glue, spatula or paint brush, water spritzer
First step is to grab your old book, gel medium, index cards and a spatula or paintbrush.

Tear the book pages into pieces and use the gel medium to completely cover the index cards, make sure you overlap the pages. Once dry trim the overhang with scissors.

Choose 3 or 4 Gelatos in nice bright colours and cover the page by scribbling small boxes to cover the entire page - see picture below. you can use other patterns for different effects. No need to be neat! Be careful not to smudge the colour as you are working.

For this effect we do not want to blend or smudge the colours but we do need to "seal" the Gelatos so we can continue to work on the postcard and keep the colour effect as is. Use the gel medium and a spatula or paintbrush to swipe a layer over the entire card and allow to dry before continuing with the next step.

The next step is to stamp with your choice of background stamps and black archival ink randomly over the postcard background. Also use the stamp pad to edge the entire postcard to give a finished look.

Now to stamp out the images to add to the completed backgrounds. You can make these images plain or fancy!
Stamp the Dragonfly and the "Let the Adventure Begin" stamps on Kraft coloured paper using the Black Archival Ink pad. Fussy cut the Dragonfly and tear around the wording.

Alternatively stamp the Dragonfly and Memories wording on white cardstock and use the water spritzer and ink sprays to "colour" the image with a thin layer of ink (a quick way to colour an image). Fussy cut the Dragonfly and tear out the "Memories" wording.

Now we can add our stamped images to the fronts of the postcards. you can add some muslin scrap and cotton if desired or any other embellishments.

Layer the muslin, cotton and arrange the stamps on the postcard. Adhere everything to the card.

Print your chosen postcard backs on good quality paper - use something with a bit more weight than plain copy paper to add extra strength to the creation. Cut out and adhere to the backs of the postcards. Edge around the postcard with the archival ink to add a finished look.

Postcards are now ready for sending!

Hope you feel inspired to grab your Blank page Muse Stamps and create something!
This tutorial is perfect for any sort of creation - ATC's, Tag Art, Journal Pages - anything that you favour!
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Happy Stamping.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Mixed Media Grungy Flower Art Journal

Hello all

Would you like to learn to create this stunning grungy art journal page?
Well you can by following the step by step guide below.

Products used
Field Journal
White paint
Red acrylic paint
Orange, Pink and Red Archive Safe Ink Pads
Purple, Violet and Burgundy mist sprays

Apply a stencil by dabbing red acrylic paint over the top with a make up sponge.

Next use the texture stamp from the mixed media art journal set, stamp it around the edges of the page.

Spray the pages with a mixture of mist sprays.

Paint the center of the journal with white paint and leave to dry.

Stamp across the center of the journal using a mixture of texture stamps.

Stamp the flowers across the center and colour them in with watercolour pencils.

Apply glossy accents to the flower centers and add micro beads.

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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Summer Birthday Card

Hey Girls,
It's Karen: Be sure to grab the suntan lotion, we're going to the beach! Well at least our crafting can take us to tropical destinations.
I wanted to point out that I tried something new and stamped directly onto a piece of blue hessian fabric. To add a bit of texture, I also frayed the edges. To create the illusion of sand on the beach, I added chunky glitter. I stamped the embellishments (flip flops & drink) but I let the pretty paper take care of the background except for the addition of some palm branches in the corner.

Blank Page Muse Stamps: Tropical Dreams

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Hot Air Balloon Travel

Hello all the Blank Page Muse Stamp fans.
Here is a steampunk, distress, hot air balloon travel postcard.
What goes well with steampunk?
A Octopus of course!
Come with me on a journey with steampunk travel.

 Stamps Used:
Chicken Wire Mesh 
Chicken Wire Mesh
Single Dandelion Blowing by Terri Sproul
1887 Vertical Number
Hot Air Balloon from Octopus Time sheet
Octopus from Octopus Time sheet

Other Supplies:
White Cardstock
Craft Cardstock
Tissue Paper
Distress Ink
Copic Marker
Black ink
Glue stick
Heat gun
 First take a piece of 4x6 white cardstock and color it with distress inks. It takes many different colors to make it look vintage. Spritz water for the drip effect.
Next stamp the following:
                                              Single Dandelion Blowing by Terri Sproul
                                                            1887 Vertical Number
 Stamp randomly all over your background. Do all the stamping in brown ink except the dandelion seeds. Stamp them in black.
 Next grab some tissue paper. What was used here was some tissue paper that had newspaper text on it already. Stamp the Hot Air Balloon from Octopus Time sheet 5 times. Heat set so they wouldn't smear.

                                      Then color with some brown ink. Heat set them also.
Cut out just the balloon part from the tissue. Fold in half and glue parts together of each one to make a honeycomb. Set aside to dry.
 Stamp the balloon onto craft cardstock. Color that in with brown ink. Cut out. This will be your base to hold the honeycomb balloon top.

 Then take your honeycomb balloon top and glue it to the top of your cut out craft balloon piece.
On a scrap piece of white cardstock stamp the Octopus from Octopus Time sheet. Color with a  marker and fussy cut out. Cut in half and add to the of corners of the piece.
I hope you all enjoyed the journey on steampunk travel.
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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Golden Days of Travel

Hi Blank Page Fans,
Jess here today.  

Remember when people used to get dressed up to go on vacation? You never used to see people on airplanes in pajamas and yoga pants.  I can't imagine these ladies not looking put together.  I pictured them shopping in Paris and sending a postcard to a friend back home.  
Here are the supplies you need to gather to create your own postcard.

Stamps used:

Other Supplies:
Jet Black Archival Ink
Archival Ink in Coffee and Hydrangea
Distress Collage Medium
Distress Markers
Distress Collage Paper
Distress Ink
Stabilo Pencil
Clear Gesso

Let's get started!
Stamp out your main images across the postcard using Jet Black Archival ink.
Create masks, using post it notes, and stamp all over to fill in white space. 
Once you have finished stamping your background use Distress Collage Medium to apply Distress Collage Paper to various areas of the postcard. 
Add your paperdoll and color in the dresses using Distress Markers(to make sure the ink stays on the image coat your paper doll in clear gesso).   Add Distress Ink to the edges to make the postcard appear to be vintage.  Use your Stabilo pencil to add shadows around the paper doll and around the edges of the collage paper.  
Turn your postcard over and add the Script and postmark stamp to the back.  Use Distress Ink to age the paper.  Color in the postmark using Distress Ink. 
Just like that your card is complete.  
Here are a few more glamour shots.

It was really fun to see how many stamps I could add to the collage feel of the card.  I haven't done a masking technique in a long time and it was fun to play around with it again.  
I hope you feel inspired to play with your stamps too.

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Happy Stamping,