Friday, August 17, 2018

And Now for Something Completely Different!!!

Hi Blank Page Muse Stamp Fans!!
Are you ready for something totally different today?
We are using Blank Page Muse BUT not any Blank Page Muse stamps you have!!!???!!!
We are using Blank Page Muse "RUBBER"
We are using "OFFCUTS" of the stamps and stamp sets we have from Blank Page Muse!!!
If you are like me and hate to throw anything away you will relate to my thought process on today's tutorial and getting the most from your Blank Page Muse Stamps!!!
Hope you enjoy!
  • Blank Page Muse "Rubber" - "off cuts" from trimming the stamps, "border" pieces from around the stamp sets
  • Collage Elements and Wording - Art Tea Life used for these coins
  • White Card
  • ATCoin 2.5" die or circle punch
  • Acrylic Blocks or Wood Blocks or Foam Blocks
  • Distress Inks, Distress Oxides, Archival Inks
  • Embossing Ink, Embossing Powders & Heat Gun
  • General supplies: sponges, scissors, double sided tape, glue, scraps cloth or any other embellishments
Add double sided tape to your acrylic mount blocks. you could also use wood blocks or thick foam blocks and have these made up permanently.

This next photo will look familiar - off cuts and bits and pieces that are left over when you have finished cutting out your new Blank Page Muse Stamps.

Cut the border pieces into strips of varying lengths. As you can see below your can simply line up strips on the mount or make a criss-cross pattern. Endless options - just have some fun and experiment!

Use the larger pieces from between stamped images to cut into mosaic like tiles and create a pattern on your acrylic block!

This really looks so effective!

Once you have your "recycled" stamps ready you need to prepare your ATCoins. If you have a 2.5" die cut some circles from your white card using a Big Kick machine or the like. Alternatively use a 2.5" circle punch. Or if you do not have any of these draw a circle and cut out with scissors!

For the first ATCoin use Distress Oxide inks and a sponge and cover the entire coin.

Spritz the "mosaic" stamp and stamp onto the inked coin. You will get a mottled look which adds some interest to the coin. Play around and see what effects you can get! Allow to dry.

Using archival ink stamp the "criss-cross" pattern stamp over the background. Edge around the coin with the same colour ink. Coin is ready for embellishing!

For the second coin use a sponge and cover the background with vintage coloured Distress Inks.

Stamp the "lines" stamp with a darker brown coloured Distress Ink across the coin.

Use your embossing ink pad and stamp the same stamp on an angle as shown below and add embossing powder and heat emboss. An effective look with some sparkle! If you want to add distress ink around the edge of the coin to finish off you can.

And finally for the third coin stamp with embossing ink and the mosaic background stamp and emboss with white embossing powder. White always looks so stark and effective!

Use some pastel colour Distress Inks and sponge the background to fill the gaps between the mosaic shapes!

You have three different "look" ATCoins ready to decorate and embellish!

To finish the coins use collage elements or fussy cut stamps, wording and bits of muslin cloth or other embellishments of your choice.

Don't forget to stamp out backings for trading your coins using any of the three backing stamps available in the store!!!!! Cut them out by hand or use your die cut/punch and adhere to the backs of the coins. Who wants to trade???

Thank you so much for joining me today - hope you feel inspired to get creating.
LOL I hope I haven't added to your "hoarding" issues!!!
See you again later in the month!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Artist Trading Coins Tropical Dreams

Hello all

It is officially summer and boy it is hot out there. Who is dreaming of far away exotic places and tropical paradises? I am so i made these tropical themed artist trading coins to tide you over while you wait to win the lottery. 
 If anyone is going to Barbados can i squeeze into your suitcase?

Start off by applying ink to die-cut card circles. 
They need to be 2.5 inches in diameter. 

Next take a light green ink or any light colour and stamp feathers onto the background.

Then take a slightly darker ink and use a texture stamp to add another pattern to the background.

Stamp out the little pieces and colour them in before cutting them all out.

Place the pieces on to the coins and glue them in place.

Product List

Circle nesting die
Ink pads
Colouring Pencils
Small gems

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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Artist Trading Coins Trio

Hello all you Blank Page Muse Fans. Hope your Summer is going well. Cathy here to share my trio of Artist Trading Coins. These things are HOT right now. I hope I inspire you to go out and try some of your own!

Stamps Used:
Pineapple by Pam Bray
Tropical Flowers by Pam Bray
Ravens Den by Pam Bray
Silhouette tree 
Raven from Halloween on a shelf
Feathered Wings
Light Bulb
Artist Trading Coin Back

Other Supplies:
100 LB cardstock(to make the Coin sturdy)
Circle Die
Glitter pen
Glue Stick
Glossy Accents
Distress inks and Oxide
Black ink
White cardstock
Word stickers

All the Coins start out the same way.
Start out with a 2.5 circle. Die cut 2 100LB circles and glue them together.
It makes for a stronger Coin.

 Next take some white cardstock and die cut a circle from it.  Use some Distress ink and smooch it on a craft sheet and drag the circle through the ink. Heat to dry. Glue this to the Coins you cut out earlier.

Then stamp Feathered Wings on Coin. Set aside.

 Stamp Light Bulb on scrap white cardstock. Color wires with Copic  markers. Cut out.
 Glue the Light Bulb onto the front of Coin with the Feathered Wings. Add Glossy Accents to Light Bulb. Let dry. Last add a word sticker that goes with the images.

 Took a scrap yellow cardstock that had some stenciling on it and cut a circle out of it. Saved it from the trash.
 Stamped the Tropical Flowers  on the edge. Made a mask of the flower and stamped it repeatedly along the side. Added some glitter to the flowers to make them sparkle.  
Next stamp Pineapple on bottom of Coin and color in with Copic markers. Last add a word sticker that goes.

 Use your Distress Oxide for this one. Smooch the inks on the craft mat and  grab a white cardstock circle and run it through. Dry
 Then stamp part of the  Silhouette tree  on Coin. The next step is the hardest. What way do you want the tree branches to go?

Stamp  Raven on gray cardstock and color in with Copic makers. Then cut out. Glue cut Raven to the Coin.
 Last stamp Ravens Den on a scrap piece of white cardstock.
Cut up and edge with black marker.

Last take some pattern paper and stamp Artist Trading Coin Back
Cut out using die. What is nice the stamp is smaller then the Coin so it fits nicely on the back.

Thanks for coming by!
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